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Jogging was great. Jazzercize was even more fun and better for you because it exercised more of your body.

WalkDancing is the next evolutionary step. It uses the natural desire to move to music, and allows you to have even more fun by moving the way you feel like moving, and doing it to music you really like.

This way of exercising is not only very good for you, it is the most likely way of producing an ecstatic experience. To find out more about WalkDancing, click here.

Read a woman's experience of WalkDancing for the first time: "I just finished my first WalkDance workout..."

"I had so much fun
I didn't care who thought
I was loony tunes!"

- Donna Evans

A List Of Great Songs For WalkDancing
We've tried them all, and these have the right combination of the right beat and uplifting lyrics.

Combine Exercise and Music for Brain Power
The improvement in verbal fluency test performance after listening to music was more than double that of the non-music condition. "This is the first study to look at the combined effects of music and short-term exercise on mental performance," said Charles Emery, the study's lead author and a professor of psychology at Ohio State University.

WalkDancing Debuts at the Danskin Triathlon
WalkDancing is an demonstration of freedom from our normal self-suppression. By demonstrating that a person can express herself that way in public, Klassy opened the possibility for others. Near the end of the race, as Klassy WalkDanced toward the finish line, another woman was running up behind her, and when she saw what Klassy was doing, she did a short dance herself, twirled around, and kept running.

"Any problem in the world
can be solved by dancing."

- James Brown

I Hope You Dance
Here are the lyrics to Lee Ann Womack's song, I Hope You Dance. You can't walkdance to this song, but the lyrics will motivate you to dance your heart out and live your life to the fullest. Also included here is a link to the Foundation For a Better Life's television spot you can see online. The spot uses Womak's song.

Tap Dancing Record
Tap dancing isn't the same as WalkDancing, but we thought this was a fun little fact. According to the Guinness World Book of Records, David Meenan set a record when he tapdanced a little over 28 miles in seven hours in 1997. Read what Meenan wrote to us.

Matt Harding Dancing Around The World
He's not much of a dancer, but he sure gets around. This is a little five minute streaming video of Matt dancing in the most amazing places.

A New Word About Dance
From Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day comes a word with an interesting history. Read about it here.

Come Along
These are the lyrics to an excellent WalkDance song.

Read about some of the benefits of exercise, physical and emotional.

Where To Tap
If you were going to only choose one thing to change in your life that would make the biggest difference to the most areas of your life, what would you choose? According to the research, there is only one answer.

America's Running (or WalkDancing) Routes
Using cutting edge technology provided by Google Maps, USATF has developed a revolutionary service, America's Running Routes, that allows runners to map and measure their favorite running routes and then save them to the largest searchable database of running routes in the country.

The Original WalkDance Class
See a photo of the first ever WalkDance class.

Klassy's WalkDance Debut in Local Paper
Columnist Patti Payne wrote about Klassy WalkDancing the 2001 Danskin Triathalon.

Exercise Beats Depression
A study by the Black Dog Institute showed that "people who have suffered clinical depression believe that of all the therapies and techniques (not including drugs and psychotherapies) it is exercise that helps the most, followed by yoga/meditation, relaxation and massage."

WalkDancing is Good For Your Brain
Studies show dancing is better for your brain the other kinds of exercise because it engages more parts of the brain and strengthens the connections between them. 

WalkDance.com Started in August, 2000
See the record in WhoIs.

I went to church, but God wasn't there;
I said everybody's prayers
Till something deep inside me cried,
"I need the beat to be satisfied."
I got off my knees and on my feet
Took my rock 'n' roll prayers back on the street.
I gotta dance,
Gotta dance.

Gabrielle Roth

WalkDancing is Good For Your Brain

Dancing is complex. It engages different parts of the brain at the same time, says the cognitive scientist, Helena Blumen. And because of this, it beefs up the neural connections between diverse brain regions. Dancing is really challenging to the brain. And it’s also fun.

In a study by German researchers using MRI scanners, they compared elderly people who had done one of two exercise programs – one was the standard kind of thing with strength training and cycling. The other group danced.

Both groups improved their physical fitness, of course, but the dancers had measurably and significantly increased the size of the parts of their brains related to attention, high-level thinking, and working memory – the areas of the brain that usually shrink as we get older. 

In blood tests, the people who danced also had an elevated level of BDNF. This stimulates brain growth, especially in areas responsible for memories. BDNF causes the creation of new brain cells, and energizes the processes that maintain the good health of already-existing brain cells. BDNF also helps your brain preserve and maintain its hundreds of billions of dendrites and synapses (the connections between brain cells). In other words, increasing your blood level of BDNF is a big deal.

That makes dancing a big deal.

Learn more about reversing dementia here.

WalkDance Playlist on YouTube

We've got a playlist on YouTube with songs we've found especially good for WalkDancing. Check it out here:

WalkDance Playlist on YouTube

And when you find a song you like for it, leave it in the comments and maybe we'll add it to the list.