Tapdancing Record

According to the Guinness World Book of Records, David Meenan set a record when he tapdanced a little over 28 miles in seven hours in 1997.

David J.V. Meenan wrote to us. "Did you know." he said, "That on November 3rd of last year, I broke my old record and set a new Guinness Book Record for the Longest Distance Ever Tap Danced which is now 32 miles! Being you have it on your page I thought you might like the update."

We wrote him back and asked him if he did it all in one pair of shoes and how long it took. Here is what he said:

"Actually this year I did it in two pair of shoes (you are legally allowed one shoe change). It took me a little over 7 hours and 30 minutes. My feet actually started bleeding about 14 miles out so you can imagine what the other 18 miles were like."

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