What a First-Time WalkDancer Said About the Experience

We received this comment via email:

"It was FUN! I feel energized. I was outside for 40 minutes, the last 10 without my weights. I shuffled, swished, walked, swizzled, skipped, kicked, twirled, and had a lot of fun. I scared the hell out of my horses, but they stopped running and just watched this crazy woman after awhile. I have a Country Walk Weight Watchers tape, which was boring to me just walking, but I found it to be a great beginner's WalkDance tape. It has warmup, stretch, and keeps you going through the 40 minute workout. It's country, as in hee-haw type music, but I like all kinds of music so it works for me. Anyhow, I haven't had that much fun working out in a really long time, maybe ever. I'm looking forward to my next WalkDance workout."

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